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Jesus with Children

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L’École du dimanche virtuelle est disponible en français et en anglais. La langue choisie par défaut est celle de votre fureteur. Veuillez choisir la langue désirée en cliquant sur le bouton en haut.

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The Virtual Church School program is designed to be used by remote or small Christian communities that do not have easy access to Christian Education materials. It therefore puts emphasis on easily-accessible resources and hands-on projects that can be done with limited resources. Because of its very design, the program is well suited to indigenous communities, French-speaking congregations and other linguistic parishes.

To know more about this, we invite you to read a complete presentation on the Virtual Church School program.

The program follows the Revised Common Lectionary which goes through the Bible in a three-year cycle. Practically, it means that these lessons follow the readings used each Sunday by the main congregation.

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The Table of lessons in in the left sidebar. The current liturgical season is highlighted in green.

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